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Charlin Renaissance: Edition of the "real" sound

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

A new story begins with a statement: The best equipment will never be able to generate the same emotions of a real concert without a perfect source and a quality studied sound capturing process.

We offer the best possible quality for maximum audio resolution to exploit the full capacity of your hi-fi equipment.

That's why we offer unprocessed music with this new edition. After 4 years of research, we have succeeded in finding the perfect balance between the right tonality and the phonic power.

Listening to these phonograms on suitable transcription equipment will take you back to the era of the most beautiful classical and sacred music productions.

The objective is to keep the best of natural music alive for all audiophiles who love this French quality. Listen to these recordings and you will be surprised by their finesse! The old-timers will confirm it to you.

A vocation since 4 years

We would like to highlight a part of our catalog by a new high resolution digitization from the original archives we have. Our work consists in avoiding as much as possible any transformation of the original sound signal during the editing phase.

A "real" sound as a strategy opposed to the "algorithmic makeup" commonly used in the music industry today.

We have chosen the best current equipment and have rediscovered our collection with great emotion. The sound is better in every way. Of course, the result of the mastering is in 24-bit/96 KHz "Hi-Res", the digital files are included in a usb key available on the premium box; make your own opinion

The Charlin Collector's box set ! It is an icon of the French phonographic history.

We have prepared these new Collector's CD boxes made of fabric directly inspired by the vinyl boxes made by André Charlin in the 70s. Each box contains a compact disc in its new remastered edition and on a "Gold" USB key with our brand name, the audio files in "Hi-Res" format as well as other "digital art" bonuses of the work, depending on the work we did, and a dusting wipe.

We want to inscribe this product of excellence in the modernity in accordance with the original spirit of the André Charlin label.

A "Compact-disc" version is available to allow everyone to rediscover our Renaissance recordings in "Hi-Res".

To support our research, do not hesitate to send us your listening impressions. Order on our site the high resolution product that suits you.

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