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The phonograms André CHARLIN

You are a distributor and you want to sell Charlin records and vinyls in your catalog. Do not hesitate to contact us to allow you to distribute our recordings. If you are a filmmaker, producer or advertiser and would like to use pre-recorded music from the André Charlin collection for a short, feature film or commercial video.

We can offer you a phonogram delivery service for several types of use, on all media and modes of exploitation known or to be discovered:

The André Charlin collection for the supports:

  • Cinematographic (commercial and non-commercial); premieres and festivals;

  • Televisuals (all terrestrial, cable and satellite channels free and pay, pay per view) including connected television;

  • Videographic (by any process including DVD, HD-DVD, Blu Ray);

  • Catch up TV, Video On Demand ("YOD"), Near Video On Demand ("NVOD"), SVOD, AVOD.


The rights of use of a music, song or composition vary according to the use in the staging, the popularity of the chosen track and the recurrence of the use.


Please contact us to define the best solution for your project.

The cinematographic works or one finds the recordings of the André Charlin collection:

Sans titre-3.jpg

Potemkin "Himself"


2020 ‧ Exhibition

Exhibited at the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg - 2020

Russian Oratorio - Guiseppi Sarti



The Intouchables

2011 ‧ Drama/Comedy-drama ‧

Film directed by Olivier Nakache and Éric Toledano, released in 2011

Golden Globes, USA - Best Foreign Language Film 2013

César Awards, France - Best Actor 2012

The Four Seasons, "Vivaldi's Concerto No. 8 Allegro Opus 3" Performed by L'Angelicum de Milan



Mea Culpa 


2014 - Dramatic thriller

Film directed by Fred Cavayé, released in 2014.

The Four Seasons. "Vivaldi's Concerto No. 1 in E Major" by Franco Gulli and the Angelicum Chamber Orchestra.



South Gate of the wine road of Alsace

1996 - Promotional Video‧

A short film reveals the history of Thann and its heritage but also the 170 km of the Wine Route.

Bach & Vivaldi - Bach & Vivaldi - CONCERTO FOR 2 VIOLINS AND ORCHESTRA a minor Op. III N ° 8


Please contact us for more information

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