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César Franck - The Beatitudes [Double Compact Disc] CL340

César Franck - The Beatitudes [Double Compact Disc] CL340


Musical poem in a prologue and eight songs according to the Sermon on the Mountain. 310 performers! A grandiose work masterfully restored





  • Denise MONTEIL, soprano (the angel of forgiveness)


  • Simone COUDERC, mezzo (the Virgin)


  • Mona KERYS, contralto (a mother)


  • Christiane CHANTAL (the orphan)


  • Denise JOLY, solo viola


  • Jean BRAZZI, tenor (4th Beatitude)


  • André JONQUÈRES, baritone (Christ)


  • Louis MAURIN, baritone (the angel of death)


  • Xavier DEPRAZ, 1st bass (Satan)


  • Pierre MARRET, 2nd bass (solo)





Choir : Elisabeth BRASSEUR


Celestial Choir: Little Chaillot Singers


Direction: Roger THIROT


Organ: Pierre COCHEREAU and Pierre CHAPELET




Text of Mrs. Colomb.




Orchestra of the Paris Symphonic Academy
310 executives under the direction of Jean ALLAIN
Artistic Direction Oriol Martorell and Carl de Nys