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Professional hardware for audio

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

The picture above shows Charlin's room at "Le Foire de Lyon" (the Lyon Exhibition) in 1942. The huge loudspeaker was intended for cinema installations and and competed directly with similar offerings from Klangfilm and Western Electric.

The speaker is equipped with a "ContreBass" bass driver and two "Belphégor" mid-treble drivers. We have no details of the construction of the cabinet. According to contemporary sources the Charlin system compared very favourable to these much more famous brands. Some observers even claim it was far superior.

By clicking on the pictures below you can see detailed pictures of both drivers. The Belphégor driver (or a very similar one) were later to show up inthisspeaker for home use.

We thank M. Dominique FELLOT for providing these interesting pictures.

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